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Can I Upload My Old Cases Directly to the CaseLogs Database?

Many users of CaseLogs have used various programs across various software platforms to track their cases prior to the introduction of iAnesthesia: CaseLogs.

A common question is, “Can I upload my old cases directly to the CaseLogs Database?”

Unfortunately at this time, the answer is no.

Although we are quickly progressing to an era where many of our electronic devices communicate without much difficulty, there are many, many hurdles to cross to enable our database to accept this data in a manner that would retain its original organization and relevance in our database.

We acknowledge that this could be viewed as a great limitation to those of you who have amassed a significant number of cases and data over the course of a career.

To help alleviate this problem, we can only offer two solutions, neither of which is easy.

The first solution is simply to enter your old data into our database by hand on the CaseLogs website. Very time and labor intensive however it would enable a user to take full advantage of all of our reporting and analytics features over the course of a career.

The second solution is to simply export(FUTURE RELEASE) your new data from our CaseLogs database and continue your personal database but taking advantage of the easy of data capture that the iPhone application provides.

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