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iAnesthesia Submitted to iTunes

Beta testing officially ended today, as iAnesthesia: Case Logs iPhone application was deemed ready for distribution. The program has been submitted to Apple to obtain final approval for posting on the iTunes App Store. The approval process typically takes between 1-3 weeks. The timing might work out perfectly for this Application to debut during the American Society of Anesthesiologist (ASA) National Convention.

We will keep you informed of when iAnesthesia: Case Logs is available for download from iTunes.

2 Responses to “iAnesthesia Submitted to iTunes”

  1. Wouter Says:

    This looks very nice and useful. Any plans for an iSurgery as well? I am starting my surgery residency soon and we are also required to track all our cases. This looks a lot better than collecting stickers everywhere.

  2. UMDNJay Says:

    I’d be very interested as an intern for a patient logging program similar to your very sophisticated and simple to use software. If it’s possible to make something that can be printed out that would be even better as my programs require paper documentation to be submitted. Currently using an excel spreadsheet but obviously your solution is a much more user friendly experience and you could market it to med students, interns, residents, attendings outside of anesthesia.

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