iAnesthesia: Case Logs

An Anesthesia and Surgical Logbook designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Enter Cases on the iPhone

Create, Manage, & Total anesthesia case logs from anywhere using your iPhone!

Predefined data entry fields capture a wide range of critical information.

Customize the order of data fields for fast, easy anesthesia case log tracking.

Enter a complete record in less than two minutes!

Build Your CaseLog Database

The iPhone automatically syncs case data to the secure CaseLog Database.

Store all of your anesthesia case log data in one convenient and organized location.

Forget your iPhone? Enter anesthesia case log data online quickly and just as easy.

Always have access to your data! Our server is reliable with a 99.9% up time.

Produce Analytical Reports

“See” your data with graphical charts and visual representations.

Compare your case logs to institutional, national and global averages.

Review cases which had a complication or follow-up with Post-Op evaluations.

Analyze your data to identify strengths and weakness, to improve your eduction.

Now Available on the iTunes App Store!