Simplified Case Tracking Software

Anesthesia Case Log Tracking Made Easy

If you carry an iPhone or iPod Touch, Anesthesia case log tracking can be just a click away with iAnesthesia: Case Logs. Designed by anesthesiologists, iAnesthesia: Case Logs is an intuitive and powerful anesthesia case log tracking application that puts you in total control of your case logs. When combined with the CaseLogs Database, iAnesthesia: Case Logs will be synced and automatically backed up with our secure servers.

How Anesthesia Case Logs Are Managed On Your iPhone

When you launch this customizable anesthesia case log tracking app on your iPhone, anesthesia logs can immediately be created, reviewed, and tallied with an ease you’ll appreciate every time. With iAnesthesia: Case Logs, you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch to:

•   Record a new anesthesia case log on the fly, even if you don’t have a wireless connection (your iPhone will sync data to the CaseLogs server once it regains connectivity).
•   Browse your Case Log History to quickly find a patient record and open the entry for easy editing (your anesthesia records are organized chronologically).
•   Review totals on your iPhone to identify how many Arterial Lines, Fiberoptic Intubations, Trauma case, etc. you have performed.
•   Work with a wide range of predefined data entry fields covering the most important information that anesthesia providers need to capture for every procedure.
•   Customize the new case log entry screen to place the most used fields at the top of each screen or hide unused fields, making data entry as simple as possible (and accomplished in the shortest amount of time).

Anesthesia Case Log Tracking iPhone Screenshot Gallery     iAnesthesia: Case Logs iPhone Demo Movie

Imagine being able to capture all the specific details about the anesthesia you delivered in less than two minutes on your iPhone. With iAnesthesia: Case Logs, you will never fuss with your old cumbersome method of recording and totaling cases.  All of these tasks are simply accomplished by using your iPhone. iAnesthesia: Case Logs allows all anesthesia providers to easily create, manage and backup case logs quickly in the operating room, leaving you with more free time when not at work.

And after you are finished capturing your anesthesia case logs, you’ll be able to use the CaseLog Database to generate powerful, detailed reports and analytics that can help you improve your skills as a practitioner by identifying areas in which you need more experience.

Take Anesthesia Patient Tracking To The Next Level Today

Say goodbye to outdated PDA case log tracking software and website applications too awkward to efficiently use in the operating room. Leave that frustration in the past, and benefit from the user intuitive iPhone interface. iAnesthesia: Case Logs was designed by anesthesiologists to capture important information quickly, easily and comfortably with the latest generation of touch-screen technology.

Whether you’re a Community Anesthesiologist, Academic Attending, Fellow, Resident, CRNA, SRNA, or AA, you will fall in love with the simplicity, functionality and ease of use you’ll experience with iAnesthesia: Case Logs. Make anesthesia case log tracking easier than ever by downloading this exceptional and affordable iPhone app today.