Simplified Case Tracking Software

About iAnesthesia Case Log Team

In the summer of 2008 during the release of the iphone SDK, two anesthesia residents teamed up to create the iAnesthesia: Case Logs iPhone application and with the CaseLog Database. Combined these two products represent a unique anesthesia case log tracking system that will help solve both the usability and accessibility problem which flawed previous PDA software.

Leveraging the intuitive user interface and wireless features of the iPhone, we have simplified case log tracking for anesthesia providers. Now you can enter case data on the fly anywhere you have your iphone or iPod Touch, including the operating room.

Our goal is not only to track case logs, but to help anesthesia providers gain insight into their educational experience through the CaseLog Database using Reports and Analytics.

The Story Behind iAnesthesia: Case Logs & the CaseLog Database

After years of putting up with medical software that was designed without attention to the demands of a busy anesthesia provider, Drs. Truxillo and Trask decided to create a solution that fit the day-to-day work style of the end user.

Rather than simply conforming to the current anesthesia case log system (which have been designed to only meet minimal tracking requirements for graduation and lacked educational benefit), these Anesthesiologists were determined to design patient tracking software with the provider in mind.

Special attention to the user experience helped optimize data entry but more importantly data analysis was included to help anesthesia providers gain insight into their practice style. Simply enter your case in less than two minutes, so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients!