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Frequently Asked Questions about iAnesthesia: Case Logs

Occasionally users have questions of how to obtain maximum benefit from iAnesthesia: Case Logs. The iPhone application utilizes an intuitive user interface to help track anesthesia cases. However, if you are new to the program, then you might find the explanation of frequently asked questions helpful. You will also find support for the CaseLog database and member only section.

Find Answers to Questions about the iPhone or CaseLog Database

The answer or explanation you are looking for will be found in the blog section of the website. The links below will bring you directly to the post that address the question. We do our best to cover all of the potential questions, but if we miss yours please email us the question.

iPhone App

    – How do I know that my case has been saved?
    – How do I delete a case log?
    – How do I edit my Hospital profile?
    – How do I reorganize the data fields?
    – How do I hide a data field from being displayed?
    – How many cases can I store on my iphone?
    – How does my iPhone Sync to the CaseLog Database?
    – If I lose my iPhone, what happens to my Case Logs?
    – Can I Password Protect iAnesthesia: Case Logs?
    – Does iAnesthesia have a 24-Hour Clock?

CaseLog Database

    – What security measures are taken to protect the data?
    – If I lose my iPhone, what happens to my Case Logs?
    – Can I upload my old cases directly to the CaseLog Database? Member Site

    – Utilizing the Search/Filter Log History navigation.
    – Generating Reports or Analytics
    – I forgot my Username or Password, can I get a new one?


    – How do I generate a report?
    – How do I know my Report Totals are Valid? (user dependent)
    – How are comparison reports totals generated?


    – When will Analytics become available at

Membership to

    – What are the different membership levels?
    – How do I renew my membership?

Purchasing Products

    – What is the direct link to the iTunes iPhone App, iAnesthesia: Case Logs?
    – How do I sign-up for the CaseLog Database?
    – What are the different products iAnesthesia offers?
    – What is Google Checkout?

Privacy Policy

    – What is your privacy policy?

User Agreement

    – What is the user agreement for the iPhone App and the CaseLog Database?