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If your business could benefit from exposure to over 200,000 anesthesia practitioners throughout the globe, advertising on the CaseLogs website can help you obtain the visibility your company desires.

We offer monthly and quarterly advertising packages that put your company in front of a target market of healthcare professionals such as Community Anesthesiologists, Academic Attendings, Fellows, Residents, Certified Nurse Anesthetists, Student Nurse Anesthetists, Anesthesiology Assistants, and Medical Students who manage their case logs via our database.

CaseLogs Visitor Profile

Visitors that navigate to are either interested in purchasing our iAnesthesia application/service or are actively providing anesthetic care while entering cases.

Highly Targeted, Motivated Buyers

Visitors come to the website with the intent of learning about (or purchasing) anesthesia patient tracking software. iAnesthesia LLC offers a unique application for the iPhone or iPod Touch as well as a subscription membership to the CaseLog database service. Anesthesia providers will learn about the site via word of mouth recommendation from peers or a focused web search for anesthesia case logs software. Additionally, practicing clinicians utilizing our service will recurrently visit the site to track case logs.

Open To Choosing Your Brand Over Another

Our visitors are point of care clinicians who are frequently responsible for making decisions about the purchase and use of anesthesia supplies, as well as specific types of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. These health care providers are actively providing care in the Operating Room and have an influential voice in product utilization.

Your target audience is logging in to throughout the day, during the precise moments when they need your products and services. Advertising on presents you with a unique opportunity to deliver your marketing message to influential buyers at critical decision-making moments.

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